Rock out from your room!

As we know, the so called “generation Z” is not strange with the benefits of the internet, and using social networks like their main way of communication. We used that fact to bring innovative way of learning with the online program Rock out from your room! , and not stopping with the regular classes.

  We, at Roma Rock School, are always focused on our students and their musical, social and self-realization needs. That’s why we decided to continue working with our students via social networks and make their time at home little more bearable. The teachers are having classes with their students twice to three times per week, according to the taught subject. Surprisingly (or not) this way of learning, the students accepted it so well. The feedback we are receiving these days from the students and the parents as well is heartwarming- music does really help you in any situation.

Let’s use
the technology in our favor!

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