Kriva Palanka rocks!

In 2017, we planted a small seed which flourished into a beautiful garden. Since then, Roma Rock School is “growing” future musicians, with our free music lessons for various instruments, taught by local music professionals.

Young kids, especially nowadays, are eager to learn, and we are happy to give them the opportunity to find their unique way to express themselves through music.

Our musical garden is spreading! Since May 2020, with the help of David Zekirov, Roma Rock School has a new band based in Kriva Palanka, Republic of North Macedonia. The band has 4 members: Aleksandar Mladenovski (guitar) , Vojdan Jakimovski (bass guitar) , , Dushan Angelovski (Percussion) and Natalija Angelova (vocal) – forming our new RRS band – Jam Street 19 !

With that said, we are so happy to present you their first cover of the song Cemetery Gates by Pantera.

Check it out!


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