The band Aerial Ace release a music video for their song They don’t care. This is the first band from Roma Rock School that has made an official video.

The band Aerial Ace is a band from Roma Rock School that was composed this year in April as part of the project “Music against discrimination and stereotyping from both, Roma and Non-Roma sides in North Macedonia” supported by Goethe-Institut Skopje.

The objective of the project was to contribute to intercultural tolerance between young Roma and non-Roma in North Macedonia by opening new channels of communication offering them the opportunity to network away from the political scene through rock music with Roma elements created and performed by young people as part of a mixed band transmitted to the general public through a music video.

Check out the video!

New song released: Kamen vo dlaboko more

The song “Kamen vo dlaboko more” was created 20 years ago, in 2000, but it was never recorded. Thanks to our students from Roma Rock School – Skopje and Roma Rock School – Kriva Palanka we finally published our first song in Macedonian language and created a mixed band from both schools.

During the pandemic, we switched to online classes and the teachers from RRS-Skopje and RRS-Kriva Palanka worked with the students from home. Each student recorded himself and sent the files to us to edit the audio and video. Check it out!

We would like to thank our students: Vojdan Jakimovski – Lead Vocal (RRS – Kriva Palanka), Natalija Angelovska – Backing Vocal (RRS – Kriva Palanka), Ivona Stefanovska – Backing Vocal (RRS – Skopje), Sejdo Jasharov – Special Guest, Aleksandar Mladenovski – Guitar (RRS – Kriva Palanka), Mursel Husejini – Guitar (RRS -Skopje), Zulfikar Demirov – Guitar (RRS – Skopje), Melas Sejfulov – Guitar (RRS – Skopje), Emir Jasharov – Solo Guitar (RRS – Skopje), Aleksandar Stevanovski – Guitar (RRS – Kriva Palanka), Mario Stefanovski – Keys (RRS – Skopje), Omer Shaban – Clarinet (RRS – Skopje), Marko Krstevski – Bass (RRS – Skopje), Sefo Murat – Drums (RRS – Skopje), Alex Bekir – Drums (RRS – Skopje), and Demir Shaban – Percussion/Darbuka (RRS – Skopje).

And also special thanks to our teachers: Nevrus Bajram – Guitar/Bass & Band Coach (RRS – Skopje), Dejvid Zekirov – Guitar/Bass & Band Coach (RRS – Kriva Palanka), Aleksandar Dziger Vancovski – Drums (RRS – Skopje), and Filip Dimishkovski – Keys – (RRS – Skopje).