Kriva Palanka rocks!

In 2017, we planted a small seed which flourished into a beautiful garden. Since then, Roma Rock School is “growing” future musicians, with our free music lessons for various instruments, taught by local music professionals.

Young kids, especially nowadays, are eager to learn, and we are happy to give them the opportunity to find their unique way to express themselves through music.

Our musical garden is spreading! Since May 2020, with the help of David Zekirov, Roma Rock School has a new band based in Kriva Palanka, Republic of North Macedonia. The band has 4 members: Aleksandar Mladenovski (guitar) , Vojdan Jakimovski (bass guitar) , , Dushan Angelovski (Percussion) and Natalija Angelova (vocal) – forming our new RRS band – Jam Street 19 !

With that said, we are so happy to present you their first cover of the song Cemetery Gates by Pantera.

Check it out!


Covid-19 didn’t stop us from creating music! Here is our new video!

Since March 2020, after this pandemic with the Covid-19 started, Roma Rock School’s activities such as classes, trainings, gigs and concerts have been canceled or postponed. Fortunately, our staff and students adapted very quickly to this new situation. Despite the situation, together we found a new way to spread positive energy and maintain our free spirits by switching completely to online teaching.

  • Ivona Stefanovska | Vocals
  • Melas Sejfulov | Guitar
  • Eduardo Etemi | Guitar
  • Marko Krstevski | Bass
  • Omer Shaban | Clarinet
  • Memet Demr | Saxophone
  • Demir Shaban | Darbuka
  • Gjolhan Abdiev | Drums


Roma Rock School објавува Повик за аудиција за гитара, бас гитара и тапани!

На повикот можат да се пријават сите млади на возраст од 17 до 22 години кои сакаат да свират во бенд. Претходно искуство со свирење во бенд не е задолжително.
Пријавувањето трае од 7 до 15 март 2023 година.
Пополнете пријава тука.
Аудицијата за пријавените кандидати ќе се одржи на 21 март 2023.


Roma Rock School објавува Повик за аудиција за вокали за пеење во бенд.

На повикот можат да се пријават сите младинци (момчиња и девојчиња) на возраст од 10 – 20 години кои сакаат да пејат. Претходно искуство и часови по пеење не се задолжителни.
Пријавувањето трае од 10 до 20 февруари 2023 година.

Пополнете пријава тука.

Аудицијата за пријавените кандидати ќе се одржи на 27 и 28 февруари 2023, а избраните членови ќе бидат објавени на 1 март 2023 од страна на жири комисијата на Roma Rock School.


Сите пријавени кандидати кои ќе се пријават на Повикот (без разлика дали ќе бидат избрани), ќе добијат БЕСПЛАТНИ ЧАСОВИ по пеење.


The band Aerial Ace release a music video for their song They don’t care. This is the first band from Roma Rock School that has made an official video.

The band Aerial Ace is a band from Roma Rock School that was composed this year in April as part of the project “Music against discrimination and stereotyping from both, Roma and Non-Roma sides in North Macedonia” supported by Goethe-Institut Skopje.

The objective of the project was to contribute to intercultural tolerance between young Roma and non-Roma in North Macedonia by opening new channels of communication offering them the opportunity to network away from the political scene through rock music with Roma elements created and performed by young people as part of a mixed band transmitted to the general public through a music video.

Check out the video!