Balkan Trafik Festival 2023

“Roma Rock School welcomes young Roma musicians through its doors. The rockers merge alternative music with traditional Roma melodies to create Roma rock songs. Their common goal: to rock out and play loud!”

This was the caption for Roma Rock School on portals in Belgium this weekend. We are honored and pleased to say that together with our partners from Music Connects – Musicians without borders, Mirtovica Rock School, Fonty Rock Academie and Clash!, on 28th of April, we got to play at one of the most famous Balkan music festivals in Europe – Balkan Trafik Festival.

In the last week of April Balkan Trafik Festival took place, bringing artists from all over the Balkans to the center of Brussels. This year, our students together with the students of Mitrovica Rock School and Rock Academy joined the line-up as part of our project. Joined as two bands, they met for the first time in Skopje in December for a weekend filled to the brim with rehearsals, then saw each other again in Brussels four months later. In the days leading up to the festival, they rehearsed for their performance and explored Brussels together during downtime. Finally, on the last day of the festival, they took the stage and showed the audience what they can do..

This are our students together with people who make all this happen ❤️
You can watch the whole performance here.

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