Alvin Salimovski | Founder / Executive director

Alvin Salimovski was born on September 9, 1981. He is a graduate teacher of German language, and since 2017 he is the principal of the largest elementary school in North Macedonia, Brothers Ramiz-Hamid, where 99% of the pupils are Roma.

As an amateur drummer, he sees the unquestionable musical talent of his students for Roma music back in 2005, but wants to use this talent in a different style of music (mix of rock and traditional roma music). The idea was to create something that has not been done yet, something completely new in the music scene, a whole new direction in the world of music, and to increase the number of musically educated Roma people.
In May 2017 he founded the Association for multi-ethnic music education “Rock Rock School” and in December 2017 they are implementing their first pilot project. Currently he is project manager at the Music Connect project.

Radica Boshnjakoska | Assistant manager / Ad and promotion manager

Radica Boshnjakoska was born on August 29, 1989 in Skopje. She graduated Marketing on the Economics Faculty of University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius. She also has experience in creative writing and graphics design.
Radica currently works as an educator at the primary school Brakja Ramiz-Hamid, teaching Innovation and Life skills.
She also serves as the Assistant Project Manager and Marketing and Promotion Manager at Roma Rock School, since it’s founding.

Nevrus Bajram | Music director / teacher

Nevrus Bajram was born on March 4th, 1993 in Shvelm, Germany. At 13, he showed interest in music and began learning how to play guitar. He studied music theory at the music school Ilija Nikolovski – Luj, going on to to study at the Faculty of Musical Art in Skopje, focusing on arranging music. His current musical ventures include numerous underground bands, including Smut, Generiss, Screaming For Change and Random. He has served as part of the musical team for musical acts across Macedonia and Europe, including Dimitar Andonovski, Tijana Dapcevikj, Thea, Sara Mace and European Caravan Madam Fortuna. 

Nevrus is founder of Association for supporting Arts “Multiromart”.
He works as a music teacher at the elementary school Brakja Ramiz-Hamid. Additionally, he teaches at the private music school Enterprise and currently serves as music director at Roma Rock School and also teaches guitar, bass guitar, solfège and theory of music.

Tehamana Lazar | Vocals / Woodwings

Тehamana Lazar was born on 20.11.1984 in Kumanovo, Macedonia. She is a trumpet player, songwriter and vocalist. She graduated from the jazz academy in Shtip, Macedonia. She is passionate about jazz vocal techniques and is influenced by jazz divas such as Ella Fitzgerald, Betty Carter and Sarah Vaugh. Soon after she started university, she began singing professionally with Tony Kitanovski and his band. She also recorded an album for Enja records and performed events around Europe, including the Grenaelnos festival (Nuremberg, Germany), the Summer Festival (Stuttgart, Germany), Berlin jazz Festival (Germany), the Lent Festival (Maribor, Slovenia); OffFest and Skopje Jazz Festival (Macedonia), Jazzville, WOMEX , and others.
Tehamana currently teaches vocals, woodwinds and solfege ant theory of music in Roma Rock School .

Aleksandar Vanchovski | Drums / Percussions

Aleksandar Vancovski was born in 1992 in Skopje. His interest in music started early on, beginning with guitar at age 13 and then drums at 14. He studied percussion at the music school Ilija Nikolovski – Luj, going on to study jazz drumming at the Jazz Academy in Shtip, Macedonia. During and since that time, he has engaged in a number of bands, projects and concerts within and outside of Macedonia. Some of his founding accomplishments include bands such as 3est, Musaiq, Atom, Screaming For Change, and more. Some of his most notable collaborations have included well-known artists such as NextTime, Slatkarista, Vlado Janevski, Toni Kitanovski, Vladimir Chetkar, Tamara Todevska, Tijana Dapcevikj, and many more. His current projects include the Djole Grujovski Quartet. He has also performed extensively around the region, with appearances around North Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaria.
Aleksandar currently teaches drums/percussion at Roma Rock School.

Filip Dimishkovski | Piano / keyboards

Filip Dimishkovski was born in 1995 in Skopje. He began playing the piano at age 12 under Prof. Igor Dimovski. He later studied with Prof. Damir Imeri, exposing him to jazz piano. Over the last 18 years, he has played across Skopje with numerous groups, including Toni Kitanovski, Conquering Lion, Goce Stevkovski Septet, and Next to Silence, amongst others. He has also performed across the Balkans at events such as the Sarajevo Jazz Festival (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Skopje Jazz Festival and D Festival (N. Macedonia), Bansko Jazz Festival (Bulgaria). He appears on a number of albums, including work by the Djole Gjurovski Quartet, Sara Mace and Fin Project. While Filip doesn’t have a formal music education, his experience speaks for itself. He is also winner of the Zlaten Oriks prize for best young jazz musician of 2018.

Filip currently teaches piano at Roma Rock School.

Nina Boe | Volonteer

Nina was born in 1987 in the United States, coming from the musical city of Seattle. Though she doesn’t consider herself much of a musician now, she used to play the cello, double bass, bass guitar and piano. Though her first musical exposures were classical and jazz, she loves many musical styles, particularly rock & punk, hip hop, and fusion of different ethnic and traditional sounds. She loves seeing (and hearing!) how the students progress, and is excited to help with such an amazing organization like Roma Rock School!

Nina currently serves as a volunteer, assisting with program support and social media.

David Zekirov | Guitar/ bandcoaching

David Zekirov was born on 18.07.1977 in Kriva Palanka, Republic of North Macedonia. His music journey starts way back when he was 15, when he started learning to play the guitar. Since young age he was member of few local rock bands, such as Partali, as a guitarist and vocalist. Since 2000 he is officially recognized as professional musician, from the Union of the professional musicians and performers of popular and folk music of the Republic of Macedonia. 6 years ago he started making his own electrics guitars and that is his hobby now. David became part of our team since May 2020, teaching guitar and band coaching in Kriva Palanka.

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