Summer Concert 2023

On August 26, the long-awaited summer concert took place at the Havana Summer Club.

Over 60 young musicians showcased their talent on stage at the Havana Summer Club. During the summer school, 10 bands were formed by old and new students from Roma Rock School and our long-time partners Mitrovica Rock School.
The new material created during the summer school was presented, some of the old songs that sound worldly were also played, so they could not be avoided. Lots of fun, art and lots of love radiated on stage.

In the large audience were the teachers, coaches, organizers and students who helped make that magic happen.
Musicians Without Borders, Mitrovica Rock School, Rockakademiе from The Netherlands, Clash from Germany and Balkan Trafik Festival together with Roma Rock School, as the main culprits for all this, proudly watched their students who destroyed the stage like never before.

The pictures below are a testimony of all the energy that conveyed a message of love and unity.


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