Music against discrimination and stereotyping – Project supported by the Goethe Institute, Skopje

Roma Rock School started a new project supported by Goethe Institute, Skopje. Info about the project: 

Title of the project

Music against discrimination and stereotyping from both, Roma and Non-Roma sides in North Macedonia

Objectives of the project 

To contribute to intercultural tolerance between young Roma and non-Roma in North Macedonia by opening new channels of communication offering them the opportunity to network away from the political scene through rock music with Roma elements created and performed by young people as part of a mixed band transmitted to the general public through a music video.

Project description

This project promotes intercultural cooperation by being part of a band, but also by creating something new. Individually everyone involved will gain a lot of new experience and skills by performing with at least 6 others in the band, supported and taught by a band coach, and communicating with the general public. It will give the involved parties a chance beside being in step with modern nowadays music and promoting the Roma music, to promote themselves as musicians and learn a lot about song writing and recording and to find cultural diversity as an advantage for creativity. During the project there will be 1 new song written and produced for the band. The song will contain elements from Roma traditional music and rock.

Main activities

  • Open call for audition
  • Conducting an audition to select band members for the new band
  • Band coaching, rehearsing and classes with young musicians
  • Song writing and composing
  • Audio recording of the song in a professional studio
  • Recording music video for the song
  • Promoting the band


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